Friday, November 27, 2009

My first car accident

Ugh so not the best day, woke up got all my stuff together went out to start my day, filled up my car with gas and then as I was pulling out of the gas station was hit by a car! Don't worry I'm ok.
The guy must have been coming pretty fast because I didn't even see him coming I only heard him upon impact. He hit the rear driver side of my car. The passenger side side airbag deployed. Holy fucking scary!!!
We called the police who promptly came 25 minutes later, asked if we were injured and needed an ambulance. (neither of us did) and then gave us the accident report forms to us and left!!! What the #$@?
So here is what happened I was pulling out of the gas station turning right, the car in the middle lane was letting me in so I pulled out the other car must have been driving super fast because I didn't even see him. He hit the rear driver side of my car and my side airbag deployed. The airbag looks like a raft you would put in a pool. I'm ok other than a banged up left arm and shoulder and some whiplash of course. The other guy is ok other than some whiplash although his tiny car had a lot of front damage.
I hope I never get into another car accident that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Even scarier was the cop telling me to drive my car home, but to drive slowly and carefully. I'm pretty sure that after an airbag is deployed and a tire is bent the wrong way a police officer should not allow you to drive your car home. I assume there was an emergency elsewhere cause the cop could not get out there fast enough.
Anywho car accidents suck, my arm hurts, my shoulder hurts, and I can't tell my boss I can't work because I am my own boss!!! BOOOO

Great way to start a weekend, no car, and in pain. UUUUUGGGHHHHH

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