Friday, November 27, 2009

My first car accident

Ugh so not the best day, woke up got all my stuff together went out to start my day, filled up my car with gas and then as I was pulling out of the gas station was hit by a car! Don't worry I'm ok.
The guy must have been coming pretty fast because I didn't even see him coming I only heard him upon impact. He hit the rear driver side of my car. The passenger side side airbag deployed. Holy fucking scary!!!
We called the police who promptly came 25 minutes later, asked if we were injured and needed an ambulance. (neither of us did) and then gave us the accident report forms to us and left!!! What the #$@?
So here is what happened I was pulling out of the gas station turning right, the car in the middle lane was letting me in so I pulled out the other car must have been driving super fast because I didn't even see him. He hit the rear driver side of my car and my side airbag deployed. The airbag looks like a raft you would put in a pool. I'm ok other than a banged up left arm and shoulder and some whiplash of course. The other guy is ok other than some whiplash although his tiny car had a lot of front damage.
I hope I never get into another car accident that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Even scarier was the cop telling me to drive my car home, but to drive slowly and carefully. I'm pretty sure that after an airbag is deployed and a tire is bent the wrong way a police officer should not allow you to drive your car home. I assume there was an emergency elsewhere cause the cop could not get out there fast enough.
Anywho car accidents suck, my arm hurts, my shoulder hurts, and I can't tell my boss I can't work because I am my own boss!!! BOOOO

Great way to start a weekend, no car, and in pain. UUUUUGGGHHHHH

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Living with Celiac

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 4 years ago. Some people would think that living without pasta, pizza, bread and fried food in general would be impossible. But it's not, well at least not after the adjustment period of panic and self pity, followed by the "I can't eat anything" phase, which lasted about a month. Followed by the holy crap what am I gonna eat phase!!!!

It was at this point that the planner in me kicked in and I started to deal with my diagnosis. Celiac as stated on states the following:

"People with celiac disease are allergic to proteins (glutens) found in wheat, barley and rye grains. In these people glutens stimulate an immune reaction in the small intestine, which causes an inability to absorb certain nutrients from food.
The treatment is to avoid foods containing glutens. Untreated, celiac disease can cause many medical complications. However, when a diet plan is implemented, patients can experience almost complete reversal of symptoms and complications from the disease."

So I dove head first into the gluten free diet, researching, reading labels, shopping in new aisles of the grocery store and testing out recipes. This took a lot of patience because the trial and error period had a lot of error. But thanks to the fact that I already cooked most of my meals instead of ordering take out and eating at restaurants I quickly learned that it is very easy to live a Gluten free life and still have delicious meals.

So flash forward to today I am living gluten free and not even noticing. I have found the perfect gluten free pasta that can be cooked al dente and tastes delicious. I can enjoy the same fried food that I did before except in the comfort of my own home or at a restaurant where I have made friends with the chefs and brought them gluten free ingredients. My favorite gluten free accomplishments are: fish n chips, fried calamari, spaghetti & meatballs, brownies, chewy chocolate chip cookies and they are all made gluten free and delicious.

So to all the people trying to live gluten free, have a little patience try all the different brands until you find the one you like and basically if you cook from scratch with fresh ingredients (nothing from a can, bottle, or package) your cooking life will be very easy.

There will be many more posts on celiac and gluten free diets, but if you have any questions or topic suggestions let me know!

Concierge to All

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Bobbie Burgers

Last year for my bridal shower my stepmom did a collection for the gift and I ended up with a huge gift certificate to an art gallery. I held on to it until December when a particular artist was showing her work. The artists name was Bobbie Burgers and she paints the most beautiful paintings of flowers. I selected one and it is hanging in my dining room where I can admire it everyday from the kitchen.
I wish I could have a whole collection of burgers!
Here are a few of her paintings just to tease you guys too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photographer Update!

So I spoke to the photographer and in the end we agreed that there was a misunderstanding. I truly believe that an album was included and he says there is no way an album would have been included in the price. In the end he offered me my already printed album that is in his office for a low price of $500! He came down from his initial $2500 bill. Given everything that we have gone through with this photographer and all the problems, excuses and lack of respect, my husband and I cannot in good faith give him any more money. I know some of you may think I'm crazy, yes I know it is my wedding album but it's the principle of it. I feel like we are being swindled out of something that was promised to us.
I remember when I was in greece shopping with my stepmother, there was a few small pottery shops, in greece you can negotiate on the price. There was a vase that I had my eye on so we tried to bargain them down, I remember my stepmom saying that I will have to be willing to walk away from it if I didn't get the price I wanted. I though I was ok, with that, turns out I wasn't cause I went back and paid full price for the vase. Well I am willing to walk away from my wedding album, which I think shows how sure I am about my decision.
I told the photographer we will not be paying for the album, so he has offered us our picture CD in high resolution so we can print our own album. I am happy to be getting my pics in high res at least.
I hope this is the last chapter to this long story. I am disappointed with the ending but at least feel that we have our principles intact.

Holy Soup!

So I survived my big weekend! I can honestly say I am not in the mood for soup!! Over the course of the last 3 days I have made over 30 liters of soup. Last night I participated in the charity event Girls n Gourmet, it was a wonderful experience. It was my first time teaching a large group of people. I was excited and nervous but in the end I think it was a huge success. I guess given that I was talking about a subject I knew so much about, I relaxed and just went with it! Everyone loved the soupe aux pistou, some people even asked for seconds!!!YAY my cooking is a hit. Overall the experience was wonderful and I was happy that I decided to participate in this event.
Today my soup of the month club began, I finished the last 6 liters of soup this morning and the only thing left to was deliver them. So week 1 of 4 is delivered and this begins all again next week.