Friday, April 1, 2011

Cooking for Baby!

It's been 3 weeks since I started Emily on vegetables. At first I was so excited, everyone kept making comments about how luck Em would be, cause I would be cooking for her. I guess she will be eventually, but right now there is no culinary skills need to steam, roast, boil and then puree food with no seasoning! All in all still very happy to be making all the food myself. She is being exposed to more variety than the jarred foods offer, and of course it is all fresh with no additives. Her first vegetable was carrots which as you can see by the picture she was not a fan of! I'll have to try it again soon. Vegetables that she loves so far include: butternut squash, yellow beans, sweet potato & green beans. Still to come are sweet peas, buttercup & acorn squash & zucchini. After which I will start her on fruits.

She is a great eater! She gets so excited for the food, her mouth is open and ready before I even get the spoon filled! I am loving this experience and the opportunity to give her so many different fruits and veggies. I'm not finding it too time consuming, I make a pretty big batch freeze it in an ice cube tray and then pop the cubes out into a freezer bag and defrost as needed. I have a pretty good head start so I think that will help once her appetite picks up.

Also soon I will actually get to test my cooking skills by making pureed meat taste good without the addition of salt, pepper & butter! Herbs are ok to use so I'm not too worried. We signed up for the vegetable baskets in the summer again so that will give me a chance to give her something different every week.

She will be 6 months next week and is growing up so fast, boy does time fly when your in love!