Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Term Relationships and gift shopping

It is that time of year again where we all head out into the malls or surf the web looking for that perfect gift for your loved one. Is it just me or do you feel that you ran out of good gifts? My husband and I have been together for 10 years now, I think I ran out of good gifts. I used all the classic mens gifts a little too early in our relationship, but seriously I think I ran out gifts!! Cufflinks, case for the cufflinks, winter vest, gloves, scarf, belt, socks, boxers, sweaters, pajama pants, swiss army knife, watch, money clip, tools, valet, wii, games for the wii, lingerie (for me, but for him ;), ipod, hammock, magazine subscription.....and list goes on.

So now I am starting to repeat gifts, but I'm not happy about it. I have to things which make it difficult to shop for my husband, lack of ideas, and when he wants something he buys it right away. I have returned 6 gifts during our relationship because he came home with what I bought him a week before his birthday, our anniversary or christmas!

I know there are a ton of gifts out there I just find it difficult to stay unique and keep to personal for my loved ones. I guess it doesn't help that he doesn't have any hobbies, he works and comes home. He has interests but nothing that needs accessorizing. I just finished wrapping all his gifts, I thought I was all good, but then after looking at what I got him I realized by gifts are lacking....ugh. I can't tell you what I bought him just in case he actually reads my blog (long shot!)

If anyone is actually reading my blog and has any ideas let me know, I am at a loss. Oh did I mention that his birthday is in February so I am back to the malls in January. Yay......BoooooPublish Post

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Email Signatures!!!

So apparently someone that is close to me that will remain nameless isn't a fan of my email signature. My signature consists of 2 lines, my name and my blog address. How is this too much? It is quick and too the point. If I don't put my blog address on my email how will anyone know that I am blogging? Apparently those 2 lines bug them. Now let me give you a little bit of insight into this person, he is a young male in his thirties, is technology inclined so it isn't bugging him cause he doesn't understand it cause he does! Now here's the issue for me,  he works for a very large organization, where his email signature is 7 Lines!! Oh yes 7. Now I personally think that is way too much information but I don't complain! So get over it man, deal with 2 line signature or get rid of your 7 lines of which 3 of them are repeating the same information over just in a different language!
Geez 7!