Saturday, December 12, 2009

Email Signatures!!!

So apparently someone that is close to me that will remain nameless isn't a fan of my email signature. My signature consists of 2 lines, my name and my blog address. How is this too much? It is quick and too the point. If I don't put my blog address on my email how will anyone know that I am blogging? Apparently those 2 lines bug them. Now let me give you a little bit of insight into this person, he is a young male in his thirties, is technology inclined so it isn't bugging him cause he doesn't understand it cause he does! Now here's the issue for me,  he works for a very large organization, where his email signature is 7 Lines!! Oh yes 7. Now I personally think that is way too much information but I don't complain! So get over it man, deal with 2 line signature or get rid of your 7 lines of which 3 of them are repeating the same information over just in a different language!
Geez 7!

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