Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photographer Update!

So I spoke to the photographer and in the end we agreed that there was a misunderstanding. I truly believe that an album was included and he says there is no way an album would have been included in the price. In the end he offered me my already printed album that is in his office for a low price of $500! He came down from his initial $2500 bill. Given everything that we have gone through with this photographer and all the problems, excuses and lack of respect, my husband and I cannot in good faith give him any more money. I know some of you may think I'm crazy, yes I know it is my wedding album but it's the principle of it. I feel like we are being swindled out of something that was promised to us.
I remember when I was in greece shopping with my stepmother, there was a few small pottery shops, in greece you can negotiate on the price. There was a vase that I had my eye on so we tried to bargain them down, I remember my stepmom saying that I will have to be willing to walk away from it if I didn't get the price I wanted. I though I was ok, with that, turns out I wasn't cause I went back and paid full price for the vase. Well I am willing to walk away from my wedding album, which I think shows how sure I am about my decision.
I told the photographer we will not be paying for the album, so he has offered us our picture CD in high resolution so we can print our own album. I am happy to be getting my pics in high res at least.
I hope this is the last chapter to this long story. I am disappointed with the ending but at least feel that we have our principles intact.

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