Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to my life!

Wow my first blog posting, where do I begin! I guess I can give you a little history of where I am in my life right now. I married last year to my boyfriend of 9 years. Before we got married I had quit my job to pursue a field that I would enjoy more but also a job that would fit into my life plan. So in November of last year I created my catering company Family Flavours. Basically I cook fresh meals from scratch for individuals and families and deliver them to their houses. Occasionally I do onsite cooking but very rarely. I work from home (fits into my life plan) so essentially I have very flexible hours, as long as I get the job done it doesn't matter what hour of the day I do it.

I would like this blog to talk about any and all issues that come up in my life whether it be personal or professional. I will share recipes, restaurant suggestions/reviews, life experiences, info on celiac disease and of course my concierge services! I encourage you to suggest topics or pose questions that you think I may be able to answer and I will do my best to answer everything. I should warn everyone now that when it comes to my life experiences my initial reactions are negative and cynical, but with some retrospect I am able to give it a more positive spin. HOWEVER, when it comes to other peoples problems I have been told that I give excellent well rounded advice. I just wish I could give it to myself and then follow it!

I hope that you find my point of view interesting, informative and helpful. If nothing else this blog will prevent a lot of my road rage, because I will vent with my words not my car horn!

Hope you keep reading

Concierge to All

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