Monday, October 19, 2009

Hockey Season begins!

Another Hockey season begins! Go Habs Go! Or at least that is the way most of the fans felt last Thursday before our first home game. The atmosphere was wonderful. I was so excited! Being an avid Habs fan since I was born, I look forward to each new hockey season beginning. This year is also the celebration of the Canadiens 100th year anniversary. The evening began with the lights in the bell center going off, with only the jumbo tron lit up stating that 769 people have played for the habs in the last 100 years. Then the screen went off, and all of the names of the players began scrolling up and down the ice in alphabetical order. It was a pretty cool thing to see, it really puts into perspective how many people and families were involved in the Canadiens organization.

The team skated out all together to avoid the awkward we don't have a captain moment. I thought this was smart, I don't think the team needs to name a captain right away nor should they. The Habs this year is made up of so many new faces. The team dynamic is still developing, so to name a captain could be detrimental to the team. They should let one emerge or let them all fight to be the leader of this great dynasty. 

As I said I am a huge Habs fan, but I am not unrealistic in my perception of the team and where they are going. The team is going to have some growing pains. So many of our key players are new, and montreal being the #1 high expectation city, needs to allow these players to live up to their potential and give them time to do that. We are a city that demands instant gratification, and isn't afraid to share our dissapointment with anyone who will listen.

Some of the fans understand that to build a stanley cup winning team takes time, others don't. They are the ones that call all the talk radio and also make up most of the press! Listen people we are 2 weeks into the season, relax enjoy the show, don't take every move, hit, shot, penalty etc so seriously!! I am a passionate fan but also a logical one, I don't set unrealistic expectations for the team, so I am not constantly dissapointed.

I am not going to start predicting who will make it into the playoffs and who won't, it's october we are 6 months away from the end of the regular season anything can happen. So relax people, enjoy the game of hockey and let nature take its course. We can start going crazy in January but until then just deal with it!

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