Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Photographer Problems Part 1,2 &3

For those of you don't know part 1 & 2, I will quickly recap. When I got engaged the wedding planning began immediately. High on my list of priorities was photography. After meeting with several photographers and loving there work, I decided to go with a long time photographer of the families. This photographer has done everything from my brothers Bar Mitzvah, my sweet 16, both my parents 2nd marriages and the list goes on. I chose him because of the experience he already had with my family. He knows how we work and already knew everyones names! When I met with him we agreed on a price that included 2 photographers for the day of and also included a traditional wedding album.

Part 1-The Wedding day
The photographer took terrible to mediocre pictures of my husband, there was literally only 3 printable shots to choose from for the album! There was only 1 good picture of my inlaws, but tons to choose from my 2 sets of parents. I didn't even get a picture with my mom and dad (my parents are divorced, amicably) I only have pictures with all the step parents in the pictures which is fine, but it would have been nice to have just my mom and dad with me. In the majority of the shots my brother is standing 2 feet away from everyone else. Aren't professional photographers supposed to tell people where to stand and also to SMILE!!!There was no 2nd photographer, only his assistant who basically just held his extra camera the whole day!

Part 2-It took Forever!
After my wedding on August 31st, I received my proofs in the form of a low resolution cd in mid november. I didn't mind waiting because I assume the pictures would be edited and that was worth the wait. Except they weren't edited and I received them in mid November. It took me until March 1st to select the pictures for my album. Being super organized a created a spreadsheet with the photo #, and what finish I would like them in  (black and white, sepia etc) and how I would like the picture cropped or edited. We went through the entire layout and my part was done.
Nothing was sent to me until the beginning of June. They cropped off peoples heads and arms. I had to got through each page again and send it back only to have them sent back to me with new problems. Very frustrating. From June-August my photographer didn`t answer me at all. Finally all was finalized the first week of September.

Part 3-Printing
The album was finalized on Sept.6, it was supposed to take 2-3 weeks. After emailing to get a status update and receiving no response, I phone the photographer who told me that he was super busy with very important famous clients. Great so I am a nothing and not a priority. Last week over 6 weeks after sending the album in I received an email informing me that I had an outstanding balance for printing the album. I can`t believe after over a year he is going to throw a surprise charge at me! What an ass. He claims an album was never included in his original quote. I disagree. Either way lets say the price didn`t include an album, wouldn`t you give the client an estimated price after the layout was all done and editing was complete before sending it to the printer?
Well there was no discussion of price at all, I assumed it was included. Now he sends me an email saying my album is ready and I owe him $2500!!!!!

Not happening he can keep the album! I am not paying another cent towards this terrible experience. I am so angry that now I have negative feelings toward my wedding pictures.

Stay Tuned..we are supposed to talk tomorrow!

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