Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog & how much to blog!

A lot has happened that I should have been writing about in the last few months. First and foremost I had a baby! A beautiful baby girl named Emily. Jeremy and I couldn't be happier, we now have what we have wanted for such a long time...a family. Each day we learn something new courtesy of our 5 month old!

So where does this leave my blog? Well for a while I literally moved from the kitchen to the couch! But now I am back in the kitchen, not as much as before but enough not to have to go into the freezer for meals anymore. I am trying to find the balance between being a mother, a wife and a cook. Somedays are easier than others but I'm not complaining....well not too much!

I hope to find the time to continue to blog, not so much for my die hard 4-5 followers! but for me, it is a good outlet and in some ways a journal. I will continue to post recipes and cooking tips, but will now also be blogging about life with a baby and the many things they teach us. I think what took me so long to start writing again is the fear of sharing too much info. I hope to find the right level of info and stories to share so that my readers are interested but while still keeping some things for just me and Jeremy.

So tune in for many stories to come! And pictures!

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