Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Plan....Personal Chef

I have decided to add another facet to my business: Personal Chef. The plan is to book customers for each day of the week to use my culinary services. This will hopefully provide some stability and consistency into my life. Here is how it will work. I will go grocery shopping for the customer for whatever I need to make them the meals plus whatever they might need for groceries that day. I will charge them the cost of the groceries plus the time I spent shopping and cooking at their house. The idea is that they will get 1 meal fresh and served to them for dinner, and then I will also depending on what they prefer make meals for lunch, snack and dinners for the next few days. I think it is a win win, I will have set hours for work on specific days of the week set in advance. The customer will have a larger menu selection since now I will be cooking ready to serve instead of reheating. So now I can do more fish and red meat which can be cooked properly without the concern of being overdone.

I'm pretty excited about this next step, I have two customers that I think are interested. Spread the word if you know someone that might be interested in having a home cooked meal, prepared in there home. Oh and of course I will be leaving the kitchen the way it was presented to me....hopefully clean!

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